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  • Tucson Curb Cycle -Connecting your glass back to the recycle stream. They will pick up your glass recycling and transport it to the recycling center, saving you the hassle of making the trip yourself and ensuring that it is removed from landfill stream. $20 pick-up twice a month / $10 pick-up once a month. Current service area is for residents in Ward 3 & 6 only.


  • ​Scraps on Scraps – Fee-based residential pickup of food waste once or twice

  • Pilot program to recycle all plastics not eligible for recycling in the blue bins.  Keep your non-recyclable plastic coming. The driveway area by the roll-off turns into a steady stream of cars. We appreciate you taking the time to come by and do the drops. We’re still giving away clear bags – come grab some if you’d like. We’re open until 1pm every weekday. And when you come by, please take a moment and toss your stuff in the windows on the back side of the roll-off. It’s common for the thing to look jam-packed when in fact there’s room on the rear.                                 

  • UArizona Compost Cats – subscription-based bucket program for food waste sustainability. 

Recycling Resouces
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