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Miles Exploratory Learning Center –Tucson Clean & Beautiful 
Ongoing Project 

One of the commitments we made as a club in our first months was to steward a public park via Tucson Clean & Beautiful Adopt-a-Park program. Our park is located at Miles Exploratory Learning Center on Highland just south of Broadway, selected for its proximity to two schools. It serves as the school's field, and is open to the public except during school hours. 


 Our goal is to go to the park each month to make sure it is tidy, pick up any trash, and report any potential hazards or issues/weeds that make the park less user friendly and safe. Our club name appears on the sign.

Thank you to those who signed up for cleanups. IT IS IMPORTANT that we report our service in the Tucson Clean & Beautiful system. Please bookmark the following link:


The form is very quick and easy to follow. Please complete this form after any cleanup.

Here is the schedule of volunteers who will check on the park in the first half of the month:

*Submit a report after each visit 

January: Barbara and Rowdy
February: Liane Bijsterveld
March: Kasia Yuska, Margaret Avery-Moon and Jane Burch
May:  Annie Franklin and Linda Fugate
June: Ellie Patterson
July: Fonda Insley
August: Kathleen Urquhart and Carmen Dolny
September: Janice Hamilton and Jennifer Sprung
October: Jen and Liane

November: Fonda  Insley & Jennifer Sprung
December: Ellie Patterson & Michelle Felix


Feel free to contact these volunteers if you want to join them! You don't need much, just a pair of gloves. There are trash cans (I don't think recycle bin) but you can request and pick up tools/gloves/bags etc. Let me know if you need help or need anything. 

Please let someone on the Projects Committee know if you need assistance.

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